Thursday, September 18, 2008

thinking about next year already

As Skippy and I walked through the community gardens today, I was thinking about what I'll do with my garden next year. What a great place to do that - 120+ plots to look at. Lots of great ideas.

1. I LOVE this variety of marigolds. I will watch to find seeds for it.
marigolds marigold

2. I'd like to find a nice garden bench for my plot. A worn and comfortable one. Maybe Skippy could dig a spot underneath in the cool soil....

3. I'd like to build a shade structure. I could sit here and relax.... change my camera lens... watch the birds.... I like this one that is very rustic and natural. Vines could grow up it. The bench could go under it. I should start collecting materials.
shade structure

4. I'd like to give my peppers and chiles more sun next year. I need to review what vegetables need more sun. My home garden continues to get more and more shady. And, I'd like to start a patch of asparagus. I notice many gardens have asparagus. It does well here.
peppers in the sun asparagus

5. I want to move my white climbing rose to my plot. Also my two espaliered pear trees. And, I keep admiring the Heavenly Blue morning glories. I'm sure I could collect some seeds from other plots. But I wonder if there are already too many growing here. Can one have too much of a fantastic flower?
rose on the fence heavenly blue morning glories

6. To build a raised bed or not to build a .... I love the look of a raised bed. I'm considering this for next year, if I come across good materials. A simple surface structure. I like the way they avoid soil compaction and define the space.
raised beds

7. Remove the weeds from the edges of my garden. The photo is sunchoke flowers, which are all around my plot. Beautiful, but at 10 feet tall, they're a very good sunblock. Next year I'd like a nice grassy path between my plot and the wild weeds.
sun chokes


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've already made some very good plans! I like the idea of the shade feature, too.

Jessica said...

I too have been thinking about next year... with many similar thoughts. I don't think my peppers got enough sun either so I am thinking about next years layout and I want to start an asparagus patch too. :P

OldRoses said...

The Marigolds are called "Tiger Eyes". They are an heirloom. Most seed catalogs carry them. I get mine from Parks. As an added bonus, because they are an old variety and OP, they readily self-sow. They are my favorite marigolds. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to come by and visit your plot one day! It looks like it's in a beautiful garden!

kathy said...

Thanks so much Old Roses! I'm very happy to know the name of the cute little marigolds and where to get them. I Googeld them and found this post: marigolds at "A Gardening Year". (Its from your blog.) I love marigold pictures. Park has so many different varieties (45!) of seed that I'll have trouble picking.

kathy said...

Hi Taylor, Please come visit! I would love that. Let me know if you're in the area. (Best way to reach me is by leaving a comment. You can also use my email at the bottom of the side bar.)

Jen DeHart said...

I love your blog and especially the pics. I come to you when I need a little pick me up for my gardening mojo. A little cruise through your garden and I am ready to get out and get going in my own patches.
I was wondering if you could do an expose on your "wattle" type borders. I love them and it seems they are not woven.. I am always looking for good uses for the limbs, sticks and twigs that reproduce in my yard and my woven fences seem to snap after a season in the garden.
Thanks again for all you do

aunty said...

hi im new to blogging , i enjoy all yr posts, istarted a blog of my own today, however, what i wanted to say is that i just got a plot 30x30 at a community garden and it has full sun im in mass and im also thinking wow, what to do !!!!