Monday, September 08, 2008

playing with garden photos

Microsoft PowerPoint - photo art cat tails and poke weed - photo art
peas in a pod - photo art morning glory - photo art

I have a fun photo "art" program I like to play with. These are some of my favorites.

I would post about the gardening work I did today, but it was pretty unexciting. (Half an hour of path work at the community garden - clipping the 10 ft weeds hanging into the paths. And half an hour of pulling weeds in the expansion area of my plot. The good news is I'm nearly done with weed pulling for my plot expansion. Maybe I'll finish tomorrow.)


caliann said...

I love your blogs Kathy. I look forward just about everyday to check in and see what you are harvesting. I live in sunny california zone 9 and it doesn't rain here in the summer months. I'm so tired of watering everyday cause of the heat. Your blog is so helpful because it's so informative and precise about all the veggies you plant. Thanks for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to keep us posted on the happenings there on the east coast. I love your latest blog of the interesting art photos you took. And your blog layout of all your photos are so clear and positioned perfect. I wish my pictures in my blog could look like that.

kathy said...

Thanks for the comment caliann. I love your blog! I bet that zucchini bread tasted great. It reminded me that I'd like to make a loaf myself today as I have a couple giant squashes that were hiding under the leaves. Sadly though these will ge about the last of my summer squashes as my plants are dying back. Oh well. The fall is approaching...

Anonymous said...

you should photosynth your garden. details are at and on the photosynth blog:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it this past spring. Actually your pea tendril grilled pizza was a great hit at our house!

I do have a question for you. Would you mind sharing what "art" program you used to make your photos look like paintings? I'd be very interested to know.

By the way we had our first light frost here in Mid coast maine last night- everything seems to be okay this morning though. We are starting to think about bringing in the rosemary and harvesting more of the basil and tomatoes.

kathy said...

HI Elizabeth,

Glad you liked the pizza. That was a good one!

These pictures here are all done using software called Olympus Master. It came with my little camera. I see that Wikipedia has a good page on it - here.

I also have fun using Photoshop with its infinite different options - though maybe none quite the same as the three nice Olympus "art" options.

Have fun with your garden!