Monday, September 01, 2008

harvest - beets, broccoli and beans

potatoes dinner prep

Yesterday I picked a great big head of broccoli, three nice Chiogga beets and a handful of long green beans. Also a couple tomatoes and some basil. These vegetables were delicious for dinner along with some of my potatoes.

I parboiled the potatoes 5 minutes and cooked the beets in foil in the oven for 30 minutes, then peeled and sliced them. Then everything got roasted on the grill outside. Broccoli cooks great on the grill, even beet greens are really nice grilled. All you need is a grill pan with small enough holes. It also helps to have spouse who can grill to perfection.
harvests from my vegetable gardens


Chiot's Run said...

The broccoli looks delicious! Do you put anything on it for cabbage worms, or are you all natural? I'm debating on whether I want to put something "organic" on there or let the worms battle it out with the wasps.

kathy said...

No chemicals! I use row cover for the cabbage worms. I cover all my brassicas (especially kale and broccoli) from May to late July, when the cabbage worms seem to go away in my yard.

Matron said...

Wonderful! there is absolutely nothing like eating your own veggies. Looks wonderful. Bon apetit!

kathy said...

By the way, I have heard that BT sprayed weekly works against cabbage worms.

I still like the NO CHEMICALS approach. Its easier. If the bugs get the crop, you give up and grow something else....