Sunday, September 14, 2008

fall fields

field 3
monarch on asters 2 bees
field 2

These are the fields next to our community gardens where Skippy likes to run. Everyday they turn a bit more golden. The white asters just opened this week. The Joe Pye weed and Queen Anne's Lace are turning brown. The monarchs are still here and seem to prefer the asters. The bees like the goldenrod. Some patches of goldenrod are just covered with bees.

Rock Meadow Conservation Land, Belmont

butterflies (Lepidoptera)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely field of wildflowers. I would love to run through it too. :)

Joe said...

Great close-up shot of that monarch...lovely.

kathy said...

I only got a quick shot of the monarch. A very active butterfly. There was a pair of them in the asters and I imagine they were on their way to Mexico. I believe the fall migration has started.