This is a journal of my vegetable gardens. Skippy was my first dog and he thought the garden was his, even though I did all the work. Now Suzie and Charley follow in his footsteps. We're located near Boston (USDA zone 6A). I have a community plot, a backyard vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, chickens, and bees. I use sustainable organic methods and do my best to grow all of my family's vegetables myself.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

tall tomatoes

Skippy in the tomatoes
green tomatoes Skippy in the tomatoes
Wow! We're back from vacation and the tomato plants are enormous! Already they are 6 feet tall. Lots of pretty green tomatoes all over them. Skippy is almost lost in the tall plants.

I was hoping they'd be ripe by now :( Oh well...

Solanum lycopersicum


Blogger aliceb said...

I was also recently on vacation and upon return ate my first tomatoes! But then I live in CA. Your tomatoes plants are impressive! Does Skippy eat any of your vegetables?

July 15, 2007 12:29 PM

Blogger carletongardener said...

I'm SOOO jealous! I bet your tomato was delicious. Next year I should vacation in CA!

Skippy loves the tall grasses/weeds that poke up at the edges of my garden and he did sample some pea tendrils this week and enjoyed them. Other than that he's not a good veggie eater.

Enjoy the CA sunshine!

July 15, 2007 4:52 PM


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