Sunday, May 03, 2009

today's garden work

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A perfect spring transplanting day. Cloudy and 60's.

I transplanted to my home garden: 8 tomato seedlings, 3 rows of lettuce, 1 row parsley and 1 big planter of herbs (parsley, thyme and orange cosmos). My peas planted couple weeks ago are up and I filled in the empty spaces with more seeds (Sugar Sprint, Cascadian, Wando and Tall Telephone). Also planted Purple Podded Capucijner soup peas. I transplanted my lavender sprouts (only four) to an outdoor pot. I moved my alpine strawberries to a sunnier location, dividing one original plant (about 5 years old) into five plants. I moved 3 peonies to sun also. And I sowed a pot full of dill seeds.

Lots more seedlings are waiting for transplanting over the next week or so. I love the big fat leaves of the winter squashes. And the blue leaves of the broccolis.

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Corrina said...

You wild woman! My tomatoes are too tiny, and I am further North and West than you are so there is probably more chance of frost.

Your seedlings are gorgeous and the beds look great!

Michaeldg said...

I live in central CT, also zone 6. I always thought you had to wait until it was really warm, say 80 degrees before planting tomatoes. Will they do much during the next couple of weeks when the temps are mainly in the 60's?

kathy said...

I think in the warm sun, my beds are in the 70's much of the day. For the next week the minimum predicted temp is barely below 50 here.

I keep good track of the temp in my yard with a remote thermometer. Its been running 5* warmer than the Boston predictions, which I'm also watching closely now.

Its a really warm micro climate on the south side of my house and with all the concrete here in urban Belmont. You need to remember that this area is all 1/8 acre lots, lots of concrete and tall protective houses. My seedlings have been growing good and have been outside day and night for the past week. They'll grow fine outside (I hope...)

I also have plants I'm growing for my parents and for my community plot. Both of these gardens are in wide open areas, though my community plot is only a mile away. Both won't be warm enough for tomatoes until the 15th I think.

Anonymous said...

My garden gets plenty of sun, but isn't that insulated so I will wait. I am in not so urban Acton. I had my tomatoes outside during the day today for the first time, but brought them in for the night...
The remote thermometer is a great idea!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Looks incredible! I can't plant out the heat-loving veggies yet - it's still too cold where I am and I'm south of you in Lakeville - not too far from Plymouth. (Maybe because I'm closer to the ocean we are still getting frost, but hopefully in another week that should be over with!). We had lots of rain on Sunday so much so that I could't get out to garden and it was only 48-50 degrees where we are. New England weather is amazing and so varied from one town to the next. --Jackie

Cynthia Sanders said...

Your seedlings look amazing! I'm starting a vegetable garden for the first time this year and my seedlings are just popping out of the dirt. :)

I randomly found your blog but I'm glad I did! I'm definitely going to frequent ur site for inspiration :D

Laura said...

Looks good, and Skippy appears to be admiring the Iris!

Dan said...

Nothing better then spring planting.

Jennifer Swanton Brown said...

Kathy, this is a blog-layout question -- not a garden question -- hope you don't mind! How do you get your photos to line up so nicely and with the pretty white borders? Also, you blog is double-wide, compared to mine! Your secret please!
thanks, Jennifer

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I'm heartened to know I'm not the only psycho who's put out some tomatoes already in eastern (SE, in my case) Mass. A couple have been out for a week now. I'm still covering them at night sometimes, but they're looking good. More would be out, probably, but the designated raised bed is still unfilled!

OTOH, my potatoes still aren't in.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Addendum, the bed I've put tomatoes in is up against a south-facing wall and is its own microclimate. We're not getting frost anymore, but the less sheltered beds aren't warmed up enough for tomatoes and other warmth-lovers.

kathy said...

Hi Jennifer, Most of the answer is that I don't know - its part of the template code. But I have been working on learning HTML to modify things a bit. I've enlarged my blog width. If you want to try, look for the template code and the line with width in pixels. Modify it by trial and error. For mine there is an overall with and each column has a width. And then, different browsers (Explorer and Firefox) work different so check both. Messing with the code as a novice is a great way to spend an entire weekend and get nowhere. Sorry I can't give better info here.

I'm using Blogger Template:
Name: 565
Designer: Douglas Bowman
... with lots of my trial and error modifications to the code.

Mrs. Darling said...

Love your gardens. Its still far too wet to plant outdoors here but my seedlings are coming up wonderfully. Thanks for the pics of the garden. I am passionate about gardening!