Tuesday, May 05, 2009

garden birds

tree swallow 3

It was so noisy at the community gardens yesterday evening! Every kind of bird was singing at the top of his lungs. The gold finches almost flew into me in their play. I did my best to focus on my planting chores, but hard with such commotion. Not clear photos, but here are my best: tree swallow, gold finch, ring necked pheasant and a chickadee.

gold finch ring necked pheasant
chickadee swallow on post
garden birds (Hortus Aves)


Cynthia Sanders said...

I always LOVE your photos. :)

Mrs. Finch said...

oooooooh!!! Are there really pheasants down at the gardens?! I saw the Tree Swallows the last few weekends, and I saw a gold finch in our backyard Sunday morning, but a Pheasant would be a real treat!

kathy said...

It is the first time I have seen the pheasant, though I often hear his call from across the field.

Mrs. Finch said...

Is the pheasant the one that goes "WAAK WAAK" every 10 minutes or so? I get to used to hearing that all day every so often, when I get home I expect to hear it.

kathy said...

Yes. That's the male pheasant. I think Margo at Garden Misadventures said she named him Frank, because it sounds like he's that's what he's yelling.

The males call during breeding season (March to August) to define their territory and attract females. Females are quiet and are probably nesting now.

I was surprised to see how big the male is. Almost like a wild turkey.

Susan said...

Great pictures thanks for sharing!