Monday, May 25, 2009

growing fast - photos of my community plot

plot 1
asparagus corn
sweet potatoes garlic

My plants are growing very fast, but still the gardens look like mostly dirt. The potatoes are getting very big. All my asparagus plants (10) sprouted and shoots are 5-15 inches tall now. Today I filled in with dirt to the top of the bed and accidentally broke off a thin shoot. So I ate it. Absolutely delicious!!!

My popcorn is up now. Two dense rows of 2 inch plants. I'm planning to transplant some to thin the rows since I have room for a third row. How exciting. I've never grown corn before.

And another first, Jennifer gave me a few sweet potato shoots. She mail ordered them. Two varieties - about 4-6 shoots of each. The directions said to make a 12 inch high mound with a 2 inch trough at the top and plant the shoots in this. I'm very curious to see how they do.

Also planted today: two seedlings each of 4 summer squashes Starship (a green patty pan), Zephyr (yellow with green tip), Cashflow (green zucchini) and Sunburst (a yellow patty pan). Also 4 Waltham butternut, 1 Big Rock pumpkin, and 3 Jarrahdale pumpkins. Plus, lots of peppers and chilis (red and yellow sweet, Poblano, Costa Rican sweet, Nardello, and Thai hot). And 6 eggplants and some big purple zinnias. A busy day!

Almost all of my seedlings are out now. Only the melons and my cayenne peppers are still in pots.

The last photo is my garlic, which is looking fantastic this year. The first full season for garlic in my sunny community plot! I'm looking forward to digging these.


Unknown said...

we were worried that the rain would come again and keep us out of the garden so we groke down and bought some plants from the local nursery. I still have some room though so I think that I will plant some yellow squash. I think it will have time to produce yet.

kathy said...

My garden could use rain now. All of a sudden its so dry. I was wishing I had time to water before I took these photos, but I didn't.

Jeanne said...

I'm in Milford. I'd like to post pictures of my growing garden. It is my first. I can't believe how fast it is growing! having a problem with squirrels tearing up my sunflowers!