Monday, May 11, 2009

surprise vegetable

broccoli top view row cover

My little surprise seedlings are doing well - growing into cute little plants. Maybe a Chinese green or a special broccoli? Dan said to plant them 5 inches apart, so I planted them about 3 inches apart. Since he said to treat then like broccoli, I planted them next to my broccoli seedlings and covered them both to protect from cabbage worms.


By the way, we grilled some young bok choy this weekend and it was delicious. My husband sliced it in half, brushed with olive oil and then roasted it over the fire. A wonderful flavor.

surprise seeds from Dan

Cabbage worms


Dan said...

You may be onto something with the bok choy...

kathy said...

Oh yummy! Bok choy would be a very good surprise.

Lenna Gonya said...

Great garden pictures. I had thought of making little greenhouses out of my box gardens this year, but didn't get around to it.