Monday, May 04, 2009


pink tulips
front yard 4 white tulips

What would spring be without a bunch of tulip photos! This is my front yard this week.

yellow tulip


aspiritofsimplicity said...

So pretty. I love tulips along a fence like that.

James said...

Wow that last one is awesome. What camera do you use?

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

They are all so beautiful but the last one really is to die for. Do you know what the name of that one is?

kathy said...

The tulips were a gift from my aunt. They are Breck's Deluxe Perennial tulip collection. I curious to see if they will be perennial. Hard to believe. Usually my tulips disappear after a year. I planted these with lots of compost and bone meal. We'll see.

I think the photo at the bottom is called Halley's Comet, photographed when it was just starting to color up.

I'll put a link to my camera on the side bar soon. Its a Canon Rebel XTi SLR digital with a Canon EFS 17-85 mm lens. A fantastic camera.