Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dad's garden

snow peas
dad's garden potato furrows in dad's garden

I've been spending some time with my parents. Today I planted:

Potatoes, Red Gold, 5 ft row
Potatoes, Fingerling, 5 ft row
Potatoes, Russet, 5 ft row
Dill, 5 ft row
garlic transplants, 8 ft row

Dad's peas are up 2 inches now. Lots of them. Lettuce and beets from direct seedings too. My dad likes rows really straight. I planted 2 rows for him and did my best. The kids from next door ran over and helped lay out the spuds. They gave them names and said they will watch for sprouts. I only make it up there once a week or so.

my dad's garden


Jennifer Swanton Brown said...

Alice is sharing stories about your Dad with me. I'm thinking about you all -- having you in his garden must certainly by healing for body and soul. Jennifer in CA

kathy said...

Yes, we're hoping he's feeling better and back in his garden soon. Thanks Jennifer.