Monday, May 18, 2009

garden updates and to do list

- Fava beans have sprouted
- All 10 recently planted asparagus have sprouted
- Carrots are sprouting well
- Sunday I planted parsnips in spaces between garlic, also radish and carrots
- I removed flower stalks from the rhubarb
- I'm starting to hill Norland, Green Mtn and Red Gold potatoes - Russets are growing slower
- Sparrow chicks are peeping in bird house, no peeps from chickadee house yet
- Squirrels ate a lot of my peas, but half of what I planted are 3-5 inches tall
- Also I forgot to use inoculant and this may have lowered pea germination

To do list:
Once it gets warm in a couple of days, I'll have a lot to do.
- Plant green beans, pole beans and soy beans
- Weed whack paths at the community gardens
- Transplant cucumbers, squashes, and peppers
- I'll wait a while yet to transplant chilis, melons and eggplant
- Plant sunflower and nasturtium seeds
- Plant more pea seeds in the spaces, use inoculant
- Fertilize all vegetables
- Find a pollinator pear for my Bartlett since my second tree is not leafing out
- Plant dahlia tubers


Dan said...

How long did your broad beans produce for last year? I have heard summer heat can do them in? Mine are about 12" high and are flowering, the crimson ones are so nice. I can save you some seed if you are interested.

Lisa said...

Oh, goodness, I'm feeling I need to get back to my garden and start working, being away in the mountains for a long weekend!

But what a great reflection on what you've been doing in your garden and what the temperatures have been like (it'd very useful for me, to be sure).

kathy said...

My favas produced for a LONG time last year. Till the end of July! Don't know if I could have eaten many more. The first ones ripened at the end of June. I made two sowings last year: on March 18 and April 11.

I guess I'm way behind this year as I just made my first sowing a couple weeks ago. fava beansI'd LOVE some crimson seed! Thanks so much. I've seen beautiful photo of these.

Reen said...

Wow, everything looks beautiful in your garden. I've been checking mine daily and a little disappointed. We try to plant something new every year. This year, we planted a row of lima beans. They have not sprouted and have been in for several weeks. Could it be that it was too cold? Should I try putting another row in next to them? The green beans are not sprouting as well either. We are also growing fennel for the first time. About half of those seeds came up.

Think I'll replant all of the above both again.

Again, love your blog and checking to see what's up in your garden every day!

Dan said...

Thanks for the info, I was hoping they would finish up in July to make way for some fall crops. I will leave a couple pods on the plant for you.