Friday, May 08, 2009

update on planting and nesting

So much going on!

Today I replanted my asparagus. Transplanted 3 packs of lettuce and escarole, 4 packs of onions, some thyme and hollyhocks and 8 tomato seedlings. Wednesday I planted carrot and fava bean seeds, and transplanted out celeriac, spinach, beet, cabbage and broccoli seedlings.

Cukes and melons are sprouting well inside on a windowsill. I'll wait a couple more weeks before planting these outside. Peas continue to pop up in the garden and the potatoes are up and growing fast. I think I'll wait a bit longer to plant bean seeds. Maybe next weekend. Though I did put in a couple hyacinth bean seeds already.

One of my espaliered pear trees has leafed out nicely, though the other isn't showing any signs of life yet.

And the weeds are growing like crazy already. My garden has so many sunchoke and raspberry shoots that have escaped my neighbors garden. They need to be dug out with a small shovel. I weeded 'til my palm blistered.

My little chickadee is staying in the yellow bird house now. She must have eggs in there. The male brings her food now and then and sings to her.

I heard we have one nesting pair of bluebirds in the meadow who have laid a nest full of eggs, though they are being seriously harassed by the sparrows and swallows. Last year the meadow had two pairs, so hopefully more will come.


Anonymous said...

You sound busy! It's still too cold here for much, 4C with a bit of snow this morning.

Do you have photos of your espaliered pear tree? I've been planning to try that against a west facing garage wall.

Sharon (in Winnipeg, Canada)

Maggie said...

Wait, what did I miss? Why did you replant your asparagus?

We've had so much rain. My front porch is covered with plants waiting to go in the ground.

kathy said...

I'm about to post photos of my replanted asparagus. I dug up all the roots because of the comments to my post below. It makes sense that asparagus shoots are supposed to be facing up and the roots are supposed to be facing down. Its a special crop and I don't want to wait tow years to find out it wasn't planted right. About 10 years ago I planted 25 asparagus plants and they never grew. I'm hoping for better success this time.

I will post pear tree photos soon. I just keep hoping the second tree (a Parker pear) will show some leaves. The first looks great (a Bartlett).

Jennifer Swanton Brown said...

I love the language of your gardening: hyacinth beans -- espaliered -- sunchoke -- chickadee -- your blog is a spring poem. I can't imagine the garden itself -- it must be such a joy.