Monday, May 18, 2009

cold spring weather

seedlings under lights melons

Brrr! We're having a run of cool days. At midday, its 54*F in my yard and will go to low 40's tonight. Frost warnings are up for the north and western part of the state. Bbrrrr.

But then things are supposed to warm up nicely. Highs in 80's - lows in upper 50's for remainder of the week.

I've been keeping my warm weather plants inside under lights for the past couple weeks. I had them outside but the chilis didn't seem happy. So now my melons, cucumbers, squashes, chilis and eggplant are inside.

I planted all my basil outside a week ago and I hope it does OK. May have been a bit early.

I transplanted 8 tomato seedlings into a row by the south wall of my house several weeks ago. They're doing great (photo below right). I planted 8 more out into my community plot two weeks ago. These are not doing good. They aren't dead, but they aren't growing. I have room for a second row of 8, but will wait to transplant.

Since my tomato seedlings were ready for transplanting out of their tiny pots, I went ahead and transplanted to bigger pots last night. I think I remember counting 57 plants - 3 or 4 each of 16 varieties. After its nice and warm out, maybe even June, these will go to my parents and several friends' gardens. Until them I'll baby them in my sheltered location. Tonight I'll cover them all up.

Of course the peas love the coolness! Peas, and all the cool crops: lettuce, broccoli, beets, onions, cabbage and potatoes are very happy.

tomatoes in pots home tomatoes


David in Kansas said...

I live in USDA zone 6 as well (Kansas) and my tomatoes outside just did not like all the rain and cool temps --except for the Siberian tomatoes which bloomed and fruited!.

In the last few days however, all my plants seemed to explode with growth. The weather outside did a 180 on us, turning sunny and warm.

Now if I could just find cool stuff buried under my yard...

Tam said...

I live in zone 6, SE PA and I never put my tomatoes, peppers and eggplant out till the last week of May. Someone told me a long time ago that if your put these veggies out too early it will stunt them and they sometimes never fully recover. I don't know for sure but I just never take the chance.

Dan said...

Your tomatoes in the garden are looking very nice! It was really cold here last night. I put everything in the cold frame & poly tunnel, then anything big went in the shed. Looks like it was last cold night though :-)

MarianLondon(UK) said...

Evening, my tomatoes are itching to get out into the soil. Some are staying in my veg patch at the end of the garden, others are going to the Lottie. The weather is more akin to April than almost end of May, sharp showers/wind then sun, I am fearful that after great care my tommos will perish. I will harden them off a little more and crossing fingers plant them out next week.
My excitment today is my corn seeds popped up! Love it.

Wayne Stratz said...

it was 32 degrees the other morning. glad I was patient with my peppers and tomatoes