Thursday, June 18, 2009

my plot

plot 1
plot 2 plot 3

Click on photos for crop labels.


Jim Lemire said...

Hey! It looks sunny in those photos - are you sure you're in Massachusetts?

It's me ...Mavis said...

Looks like you are growing a bit of everything.... how are you planning on supporting your tomato plants? Cages or stakes and why? This year I am trying both...mostly because I ran out of cages and had an extra supply of wood.

SNJGardener said...

What? No Clouds and rain?

kathy said...

Tomatoes are being supported with strings.

About the weather - Wednesday was sunny all day and I just stayed out in the sun the whole time.

Can you believe this gloominess?!!!

Laura said...

I've got to get some tips on two of the crops labeled in the bottom right picture- Skippy's Umbrella Pole and Skippy's Water Dish. ;)

Seriously, everything's looking good!

Anne said...

Lovely setup! Your garden is growing beautifully!

makhappy522 said...

I am so sick of the rain!! Mold is starting to grow on my soil!!!

Barnaby Rudge said...

I thought it was recommend to rotate potatoes (or the soil they're in) yearly to avoid disease? You don't seem to have this problem with your volunteers? I grow potatoes in trash cans and big containers and usually dump that soil into my raised beds and put new virgin soil in the cans in the Spring.

kathy said...


Thanks for the reminder to rotate!

This is a good reason not to let the volunteers grow. I did rotate the bed I planted them in, but since I also reorganized my beds, many came up in paths. I let volunteers in the paths grow.

Since its only the second year I'm growing potatoes, probably OK. But a real good point for pulling them out next year.