Saturday, June 20, 2009


today's harvest

This is my harvest from two days ago. Baby bok coy and spinach. (Both a bit bolted.) We're grilling the bok choy tonight.


Dan said...

Your Bok Choi looks great. I just sowed a bit more in the garden a few days ago in hopes of a July harvest.

Karen said...

Our bok choy looks the same as yours, so I must be doing SOMETHING right - we braised ours and had it with wild salmon on Saturday night. YUM!

I'll wait till the full moon to put more bok choy seeds in the ground.

kathy said...

I have not had bok choy before this. A really nice flavor. I was sampling it in comparison with savoy cabbage the other day. The bok choy is much milder, a little lemony and cucumber taste in the flavor. I'm enjoying it.