Tuesday, May 01, 2007


violets 3
Violets are a really prolific weed in my yard. I hate to pull them up, so I leave many to grow as they please. They make a good ground cover and have beautiful blossoms. Just this week they have started to bloom.

wildflowers, weeds, invasives and natives


Anonymous said...

Viola odorata I presume. Weed? What are you calling a weed? :-)

We have them in white and purple, growing profusely in the lawn. Where else?

I mark out the patches in February and no mower is allowed near them until they are over.

It's a battle every year as you may imagine. I suppose the old definition of a weed: 'a plant growing in the wrong place', still holds good today. But then...I even like dandelions, which is maybe a step too far.

kathy said...

I also LOVE all my violets. I call them a weed because they volunteer all over the place. Just today I collected many from the backs of my borders and moved them to the edges along the front. I like a nice row of them.

I have many purples, a few whites, and even a yellow one or two. I am very fond of many weeds. (I hope I am not offending them to call them this....)

Since I don't really know the definition of a "weed", I just looked at Wikipedia. At the top is a photo of a lovely violet, then a definition with the words "nuisance", "aggressive" and "unwanted". Maybe I should change my terminology...

(I also like dandelions too. I often leave a patch of two of them here and there. Next to the tansy and bugleweed.)