Sunday, May 20, 2007

tomatoes are in!

The tomatoes are in! They are in the foreground here, with hay mulch between them. I planted 20 plants, 16 different varieties.

Solanum lycopersicum


Anonymous said...

Suggestions on how to support Tomato plants without buying the expensive round metal supports? And do squirrels or any animal attack them before or after they have veggies? I plan to refence my garden Saturday, but I need to plant them today!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like just about the right plant-to-variety ratio to me. Congrats on getting them all in!

kathy said...

Well, I miscounted the number of varieties. My son had to help me figure this out, but it turns out I have only 10 different varieties, 20 plants. I split five 6-packs with my parent and I have five individual plants of different varieties. Still a good ratio. I planted the three Brandywines front-and-center, since they are my favorite.

kathy said...

I have not had trouble with any animals eating tomato plants or tomato fruit, but then I really only have squirrels and birds. I have heard of many types of animals eating tomato plants: including deer, groundhogs and possums. I really don't know what to recommend. If you go without, you'll find out if you need and fence and than you can put one up.

You should watch out for cut worms. It depends whether you have them in you soil. In an old garden of mine I would loose half of the plants over night with out collars. In my currents garden, I have no cut worms and have stopped collaring the plants. But I still hold my breath when I look out the window the first morning after planting.

kathy said...

Here's a good post with tomato support ideas and photos of my tomatoes from last year. I'll be using the same ones this year and will put them up as soon as I can get to it. I'm not a fan of the metal ring things.