Monday, May 14, 2007


dead broccoli new broccoli
I'm not sure what happened to my last batch of broccoli. I bought and planted 12 seedlings two weeks ago. Five of the plants got up eaten off at the stem. It looks like a tomato cut worm. I didn't know cut worms ate broccoli, so I am blaming the squirrels. This weekend, I bought and planted another 6 plants. Since it looked like I planted the previous batch too close, II replanted all of the plants further apart. (I think I'll go out and put collars on all of my broccoli, just in case it really was cut worms.)



Ottawa Gardener said...

I think cutworms are fond of broccoli. I lost half my first crop in a similar way years ago. This year, they were under glass because of inclement weather. Now they are too big to nibble on though my bok choy is full of holes...

kathy said...

Maybe I have cut worms AND broccoli-eating squirrels! Aaarrggh.