Monday, May 07, 2007

making space for tomatoes

tomato space
yew moved yew by patio
Sunday we moved a big yew bush out of my new tomato area. We replanted it in a nice shady spot behind the house where I have struggled to grow plants for many years. This hardy bush will probably do well there after it recovers from transplanting. Only the giant rhodo left to move.


Anonymous said...


You know that Yew is very very poisonous, don't you?

All parts of the tree, apart from the outer layer of the berries. With your little dog around, you might want to make sure.

By coincidence we just ripped out six of them yesterday. I loathe them, unless they are in a graveyard and at least 1000 years old, when the trunks are so beautifully distorted.

kathy said...

Thanks for the note! I do know they are poisonous. Its a good thing to remember. Skippy started to chew on the branches and I reprimanded him. I never even compost the clippings as I'm concerned about then on the vegetable garden. Its a good thing to be aware of with a dog.

I agree with you about how unattractive they can be. The good side is they are very hardy and adaptable to nearly any soil or shadyness.