Sunday, May 20, 2007

transplanting peppers

peppers pre-planting peppers planted
pepper pots
This year I raised one type of plant indoors from seed - peppers. They are a mix of five types of chili peppers. I made the pots from strips of newspapers. Today I planted them, paper and all. The pots worked great. They held together well. And even without bottoms the roots held the dirt in the pots. The only problem, I have room for 20 and I raised 90 plants! Chili peppers anyone?


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Kylee Baumle said...

Is it true that peppers don't like to be mulched around them? I read somewhere that it inhibits their growth. I have 'Chilly Chili' peppers that I started inside and I put them outside a couple of weeks ago. They aren't growing very fast, but this is my first year for growing them, and maybe that's just how they are.