Wednesday, May 02, 2007

constuction of pea trellises

Last year I used a V-frame structure for my peas, which did not like. It was made from six poles arranged as three Vs, with green plastic mesh stapled along each side of the frame. I found it was hard to pick peas that grew in the center of the frame, the back half didn't get enough sunlight, it took up too much space and it didn't look nice.

This year I have planted three types of peas and needed three trellises. So I tried three different types. My son says it looks like I'm trying to communicate with aliens, but then what does he know about gardening. Anyway, one trellis is an old structure I found in my neighbor's trash. That was the easiest to put up. Another is a zig-zag, post & string trellis. The third is a straight post & string trellis. I'll have to see which works best - and if I pick up any messages from outer space.

trellis 2 trellis 4
trellis 1 trellis 3

Pisum sativum


Debbie Miller said...

Your blog and garden really are an inspiration!

OldRoses said...

What kind of string did you use? I want to do something similar for my morning glories, so I need string that is both strong and weather-proof.

Leslie said...

Kathy ... a very timely post as I was just wondering what I should build. How's your garlic doing?

kathy said...

Thanks for the compliments!

For string I used the $2.69 roll from my local True-Value Hardware store. They only had two choices and I didn't want the jute twine, because it sometimes doesn't last very well in the weather. The string I used is called "seine twine" #18. This string seems really sturdy.

My garlic looks good, except for a couple of plants that rotted and died. I'll post a picture soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing other pea trellises. Please post photos of yours!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Yes it does look like your going to get a close encounter! If I were a pea I would choose the top right one.

kathy said...

It seems like the top right one (the zig-zag) is the favorite so far. I wish I knew what others used for pea trellises, but I'm so busy now with gardening and doing my own blog. Not much time to look around. Its that busy time of spring for gardeners! (What fun!) I did see some lovely trellises at Lexington Gardens (a BIG Garden Center) today. But it costs a lot less to make your own!

mitsy said...

I know this post is a few years old, but I was searching for pea trellis ideas and am enjoying perusing your blog. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try the zig-zag post-and-string version because I like how it's rustic looking and can be made with materials I already have on hand. Did it work out well for you?

kathy said...

Yes, the zig-zag one worked out very well. And I liked the way it looked. A good design. Peas do well climbing on string.

The only reason I'm trying branches this year is that this one takes a while to assemble and then I hated to throw out all that string as it was too hard to take it apart after. But them its all compostable.