Thursday, May 03, 2007

clearing a new bed

tomato bed 1
My gardening project for the next few days is to clear out the area where I'm planning to plant my tomatoes this year - the area against the house to the right of the stone path. Today I moved a lot of perennials and violets and few tulips. A few more perennials to move tomorrow, then the bushes need to come out. Skippy kept an eye on everything going on.


Carol Michel said...

Hmmmm... seems like Skippy could be a little more help since it is his vegetable garden!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

It looks like a perfect spot for tomatoes. I bet you get digging help from Skippy?

kathy said...

Skippy has been doing some digging the past few days. I think he is excited about me digging up new areas. AAgrrh. I'd rather he NOT help. He is digging in my new flower area. The area I put moved the perennials into, from the new tomato bed. He's been digging some good holes that I will have to post pictures of soon.