Saturday, March 28, 2009

seedlings on the shelf


I have six and a half trays of seedlings growing now. Only four fit under my lights, but the sun's doing a good job with the others. The lettuce is starting to look pretty with red frilly leaves. The early tomatoes will need bigger pots soon. Onions continue to grow well though I decided not to trim their tops. Broccoli and peppers have their second leaves (1st true leaves) and my surprise seedlings sprouted well are thinking about getting second leaves. I hoping this will give me a clue to their identity.

Yesterday's planting list (one 9-pack of each):
Cabbage, Super Red 80
Cabbage, Savoy
Hollyhock, single mixed
Lettuce, Prizehead
Beets, Lutz
Beets, White Detroit
Mixed fall greens
Spinach, Bloomsdale


Dan said...

You have quite an operation there, everything looks great. Those surprise seeds will be a real puzzler but their name lays in your 'Ideas for 2009' post.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Kathy your seedlings looks great and I must say you got a brilliant shelf for them. I wish I had one of those. They must save so much space, very impressive.

Jman said...

I'm looking to buy some lights as I feel my eastern sun isn't enough for the seedlings.

Where did you purchase those light fixtures? Thanks