Saturday, March 21, 2009

garden work

The gardens were just beautiful today. Sunny and warm. Birds singing. Wonderful.

Tasks accomplished:
Moved debris pile away from my fence to make room for grass path by my fence.
Added chicken wire to base of fence front.
Moved half of rock pile to along my fence.

Seeds planted yesterday:
Surprise seeds from Dan (1 6-pack)
Lavender (reseed pot where only 3 plants sprouted since 2-21)
Lemon scented basil (1 pot)

surprise seeds


Anonymous said...

I was outside digging today myself. I've got 3 raspberry canes coming, hopefully, Monday. I was digging holes in the front yard; more like finding and digging up large ROCKS! I have enough rocks for a rock garden now!! LOL

And tomorrow will be even nicer! : )

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping to see pics of Skippy too. I just love that profile pic to the right. He is such a handsome dog!