Sunday, March 15, 2009

first garden work day of the season

Another photo of my plot. This time with evidence of work that's been done. The soil is now thawed and ready for work. And the weather this weekend was beautiful for gardening.

Tasks accomplished:
Brought tools to plot.
Removed of salt hay from beds and stacked for reuse.
Spread 40 lbs of lime.
Gathered and spread about 5 wheelbarrows full of horse manure.
Marked out beds and added up footage of boards needed for raised beds.
And I finally mailed out my garden registration form and fee.
Took down my birdhouse.

The birdhouse removal has been requested by birders to facilitate bluebird repopulation, which has been quite successful recently. It seems that the aggressive sparrows and wrens who use these houses are too much competition for the bluebirds. No problem. I'm glad to do what I can to help this effort.

Also my indoor seeding continues. I added a fourth light so, with two lights and two trays per shelf, I now have good lighting for four plant trays. Most of this space is already seeded.

Today's seed planting list:
Lettuce, Big Boston (1 6-pack)
Lettuce, Valentine mesclun (1 6-pack)
Escarole, Blonde (1 6-pack)
Broccoli, Blue Wind (1 6-pack)


Dennis said...

Your getting ready to be really, really busy! Awesome!

Lisa said...

How wonderful to be able to get out there again! Your plot looks great.


Dan said...

Your plot looks like it is ready for action. Can't wait to see it full of veg.

Speaking of bluebirds, I just came across a flock of them on a country drive today. It was the first time I had seem them in person, really beautiful birds. I have put one of
the photos up on my flickr, more to fallow.

Anonymous said...

It was perfect weather here for a garden day too - you've been busy. How frequently are you sowing lettuce?

Doctor Mom said...

You must be so happy to start the (outdoors) season!

Anonymous said...

Whew! That's a busy Sunday! The plot looks great. :) It sure looks different than it did this time last year!

Chiot's Run said...

I spent the day outside planting lettuce in the cold frame and beet seeds. I'm hoping the rain holds off long enough today to get more beet seeds in and all of my peas.

The plot looks great. I so long for a community garden in our town. I guess I'll have to start one if I want one.

kathy said...

Hey Spidercrunch, I'd be glad to offer you some ad space....

Anonymous said...

You said: "And I finally mailed out my garden registration form and fee."

Say What? Oh man-how awful! Where do you live? China? Cuba? Soviet Union? Will you be put in prison if you read this message about Freedom? You poor poor dear. You should revolt! Or...emigrate-to somewhere-anywhere....other than where you live now. That is JUST so sad and pathetic. I feel for you.

Know that I pray for your freedom-I pray that it comes someday. Sincerely, Barbee from Texas, USA

kathy said...

Don't get all worked up. Its not my home plot. Very silly comment....

Its a community garden plot on town owned land. The fee goes to pay for town supplied water. The town doesn't charge a fee for land rental. They provide us free compost and management. And its a fantastically beautiful place.