Friday, March 06, 2009

a few seed quotes

"I don't believe the half I hear,
Nor the quarter of what I see!
But I have one faith, sublime and true,
That nothing can shake or slay;
Each spring I firmly believe anew
All the seed catalogs say!"
- Carolyn Wells

In March and in April from morning till night
In sowing and seeding good housewives delight.
- Thomas Tusser

The mere fact that you get a lot of seeds in a packet
doesn't mean you have to plant all of them.
- Henry Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

Kathy - Henry Mitchell's words strike home! I ran out of garden before I ran out out seeds! I'm looking around the rest of the yard wondering where I could plant just one more kernel of corn and whether the neighbors would be offended if I planted a row of corn in the front yard behind the roses or lantana. Perhaps Henry is right!
From Arizona where the tomatoes have started blooming and the corn in the garden is ankle-high - Daisy & Pixie