Wednesday, March 04, 2009

my first tomato seedling

Psychedelic celebration...
tom 6 tom 3
tom 1 tom 2

This is a New Girl tomato seedling planted 10 weeks before the last frost in my garden. That's 4 weeks early. I have 9 very early tomatoes that sprouted this week. I can almost taste sweet red early tomatoes!

tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum)


My Veggie Garden said...

Looking good.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Now you have me dreaming of summer again.... wish this snow will just cooperate and melt away.

Mike said...

Question for you: I've got my tray of seedlings started for my first venture into vegetable gardening. I've grown some things from seed in the past, but my losses are greater than my victories. They all sprout up so happily, but I have a tough time transitioning from that first sprout to growing those first true leaves. Now that I've got a tray full of those seedlings, is there anything I should be doing to get them to that next phase?