Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my favorite watering can

my favorite watering can
Someone recently asked me about my watering can. I do have a favorite.

A small copper can. Long curved spout connected at the bottom. And a nice big handle. It was a birthday gift back when.

I like the steady stream of water. Not too much, not too little. I like the look and feel of metal. I like the weight and feel of the can. Its small, so sometimes I keep a full gallon of water nearby to refill it with.

I like to water and thoroughly wet the soil. Then I wait until the soil top dries out and the seedlings start to look like they are almost starting to wilt before I water again.


Mama, Papa, and Son said...

This is my first time starting flowers and vegetables from seed. I have been using a spray bottle and giving my seedlings a couple of good mists per day. I'm new at this, so I'm not sure what I'm doing. But, I figure people have been growing food since the beginning of time, so it can't be that difficult.

kathy said...


Kim said...

I admired that watering when you posted your seedling setup. I thought to myself how perfect it would be water the little seedlings without drowning them (like I have a tendency to do).

Adriana said...

That's a good looking can!

Dan said...

Watering can's are one of my favorites. I have been know to collect the galvanized outdoor cans.

Anonymous said...

I have one designed like this, not even close to being as pretty as yours (mine is green plastic), but I think the reason I like it is because it has the same shape; a rounded handle and narrow nozzle with an s-shaped curve. Its perfect for watering trays of seedlings.