Saturday, November 22, 2008

local furred and feathered wildlife

female cardinal squirrel in the leaves
ducks redtail hawk

These are the "wild" things Skippy and I came across today. I can identify most but not all. Top is a house sparrow - of course. These guys empty my feeders instantly. Since they do good work in my summer garden, I refill. All are fluffed up with the 20 degree weather this week.

The next is a female cardinal who blends very well in the background of leaves. A lovely bird. She's very shy. Next is one of the squirrels who frequents my backyard. They're finding the sunflower seeds I've strewn under the leaves we need to rake tomorrow.

Next is a pair of ducks at the big pond nearby where Skippy and I walk. I don't know the type. Finally, an enormous red tailed hawk by the pond.

garden birds (Hortus Aves)


Dan said...

Great shots. I like the ducks the best, they always create interesting water rings.

I was just watching the sparrows at my feeders almost eating each other today. There must have been almost 50 all wanting one of the 10 perches, they can get pretty nasty.

And the squirrels, funny how I detest them so much yet still will give them some seed on these cold,snowy days.

Anonymous said...

I find hawks fascinating despite the fact that I had one visit my feeder several times last winter. It would make more sense if I lived in the country instead of the middle of town.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots - especially of the sparrow - I am very fond of sparrows, they are always so happy!

Jain said...

I'm a poor birder, but based on my field guides, I'd say the ducks are Canvasbacks. They breed in the West but migrate eastward in the fall to the Great Lakes and Atlantic Coast.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Here in the suburbs of London U.K., Sparrows are under threat due to people paving over their gardens to park off the street and ripping out shrubs, honeysuckle etc and replacing it with designer gardens and decking. Save the Sparrows!!
Birds brighten the day!

Kateri said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! I love the one of the house sparrow.