Monday, November 03, 2008

harvest of greens

harvest in a bag

Well, they don't look as pretty as summer greens, but I picked a lot from my garden plot today. I think this week may be the last for many greens, so I might as well pick them. The escarole, peas, lettuce and beet greens are getting damaged by the cold weather. The dill looks cold. But some veggies still show no sign of being bothered by the cold, including the Chinese greens, arugula, kale and carrots.

Today I picked escarole, red and green lettuce, a nice handful of baby dill, lots of arugula, beets, radish, pea tendrils and some Chinese greens.

beets handful of dill
carrots frost-tipped endive

Here's some photos of Skippy hanging out while I harvested.

skip rests in plot skippy in the plot

harvests from my vegetable gardens

radish (Raphanus sativus)


Dan said...

Skippy photo's always brighten my day, skippy is such a character.

Nice lettuce harvest! I unfortunately planted my lettuce to late and then it was eaten by something. My second seeding took forever to sprouted due to the cold so I am guessing they are toast as well. I am planning on building a cold frame so maybe I can get some mesculin mix out of it.

My broccoli is doing well so fare, I think I am going to perminetly cover it with row cover soon. How is your broccoli doing, I think we planted at about the same time?

Anonymous said...

That red lettuce is gorgeous, what variety is it?

Ali in Maine

kathy said...

My broccoli grew slowly into nice plants and is only now just ready to start forming heads - too late. More for the compost bin. Leaves are already showing signs of frost damage.

I think part of problem was the dry October weather and lack of water at my garden. Water is shut off at the beginning of October.

Glad your is doing well. If mine was at home it would be doing better as its much warmer here and I have water.

kathy said...

The red lettuce is a summer crisp from Johnny's Selected Seeds called "Cherokee". It makes a good summer lettuce because of its heat tolerance, but I find its doing well in the cold too. It seems to grow very slowly for me. Its even prettier than my photos show and a nice contrast with lighter leaves in salads.