Wednesday, November 19, 2008

rusty old garden tools

rusty old cultivator
garden tools tools

I came across some abandoned garden tools yesterday. A cultivator, a hoe, two edging tools and a nice shovel. Looks like they've seen better days, but these will be great for my community plot. And nothing like free tools.

I found these tips on-line for refurbishing rusted tools and will give it a try some day this winter:

# Remove rust by securing the tool in a clamp and then cleaning with a wire brush, sandpaper and steel wool. Penetrating oil will help with the more stubborn spots.

# Sand down splintered handles and then rub with linseed oil to restore to a smooth finish.

# The important thing is to oil garden tools, coating them heavily when storing.


Amy said...

I would love to see how this turn out if you refinish them this winter!

Dan said...

They will be as good as new when you are done with them. I'd hate to see what a big box store tool would look like after receive the punished those old tools did.

I think I am half slow gardener and half procrastinating gardener. The two mixed together can make things take forever.

hmm, I like the look of that pumpkin on the seed pack. I will be looking forward to watching them grow next year.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with refurbishing them is that they won't take such lovely pictures!!!

kathy said...

My son says the problem is they'll fall apart without the rust holding them together.

Unknown said...


Your garden pictures are beautiful!
Thanks for your post featuring your found treasure.
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Unknown said...

Give this a try...

Works like a charm.

marc said...

I am currently doing a project with old garden spades and folks if anyone has any that are beyond repair that i could take off their hamds or if anyone knows of where i could find any old spades or folks that would be much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Great article. As a fellow gardener, these tips come in handy for my gardening!

Gardening Tools said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.