Tuesday, November 04, 2008

its a new day!

The town of Belmont voted 69% (9,354 votes) for Obama. It is an exciting new day.
Here's a link to Obama's full victory speech.


Susie said...

I voted and now, I just saw history made.

Fiona said...

Such a wonderful thing - and I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. I'm ecstactic.

The White House has a pool, right? Because the First Dog would need one. Maybe they could do a renovation and make the pool bone-shaped.

Anonymous said...

It is exciting! I woke up this morning, and heard Obama's acceptance speech on the radio. I don't know how anyone could hear that and not be moved.

It's good news for America, and it's good news for the world.

kathy said...

I am so happy to be proud of my government. Its such a relief to hear the excitement and positive tone of Europeans and others. Such a relief. There are many celebrations here. A light and hopeful change of tone. Obama has a fantastic ability to inspire people.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while. It'll be nice to be proud to be American again.

naltieri said...

I worked as a poll watcher in Tehachapi, Ca. and the polls were packed. People were excited and expressed it; and as they did I could begin to sense the direction the election would take. Even though my county voted only 40% for Obama, that's very good for here.