Sunday, November 23, 2008

playing with Skip

skippy rounds the corner
runnin' tuggin'
wrestlin' playin'

Skippy gets very frisky in the cool weather. Today he was at his best. He ran and ran. He wrestled and played. What fun! The frozen garden is a good open spot for us.

Skippy enjoys "wrestling" with me when I wear leather gloves and heavy clothes. He knows just what he can get away with. He attacks my pants. And my sleeves. All with ferocious growling and lots of deep barking. If anyone heard us, they'd think Skippy was winning for sure. I get such a kick out of this.

Because Skippy is actually very good. If I say "wait" he'll sit and wait. And then he'll attack again with new ferocity. With all of the wrestling we did today, he didn't do any damage to my clothing. (Occasionally he rips my sleeve.)

I remember reading somewhere that its often not a good idea to wrestle with your dog. May I add, it can be really tough to wrestle and take photos at the same time!

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jengod said...

That's a kind of heaven right there, isn't it? I heart Skippy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty good day to me! My little guy gets friskier in the cool weather, too. I imagine him saying, "finally! I knew I kept this fur coat around for a reason!" I'm sad your garden is closed for the winter, but I'll look forward to seeing your plans for next year.

Chiot's Run said...

That's so funny. Lucy also knows what she can get away with when Mr Chiot's wears his big Carhart jacket. They play police dog and she jumps up and attacks his arm.

Jessica said...

LOL! I wrestle with my dog too... as long as he knows when to stop. When they are trained well, there's no worry. I tell my dog, "gentle" when he's too rough or "calm" when he's too crazy.

kathy said...

Skippy used be on the edge of out-of-control when we wrestled. But I just love the control/responsiveness he has now. He goes WILD and sounds fierce. All teeth and growl, but does no damage and stops when I say.

In the past, if he went too far I'd walk away, or ignore him. The worst punishment! He doesn't want that again.

Skippy and I are doing obedience training again once a week this fall/winter. We're "advanced beginners". I think the classes really help us have more fun together.

Anonymous said...

he is so cute!