Monday, November 10, 2008

November harvest - carrots

carrot harvest

Yesterday I harvested a big bunch of carrots. My only harvest this week. I still have so many vegetables between my gardens and my half winter share from Belmont CSA. My vegetable drawer is full to overflowing. We eat a lot of veggies, but there's a limit. The nice thing is how well most of the winter vegetables keep.

I noticed these carrots are kind of hairy. This can happen in soil that is too fertile (too much nitrogen) or waterlogged (not recently). Hmmm. I thought my N was low - guess not.

carrots (Daucus carota)


Lisa said...

I'm not cultivating near the space that you do, but am overflowing with veggies, too.

And, I'm currently harvesting extra greens from our demonstration vegetable garden to share with folks who enjoy them and have lower incomes.

Even determined vegetable eaters have a limit, after all!

kathy said...

Yes. There's only so many greens even a serious salad eater can eat!

I also have many people who would use any extras. But I like to judge the harvest quick. I don't like to give away veggies that aren't super fresh!

Next year I'll have more space and more veggies. I'll have to warn my friend Elaine, who likes ALL my extras (she makes BIG dinners for her church group). She helped with a lot of summer squash this year. She'll be pleased.

Eoin said...

My carrots turned out looking very much like yours this year... very disappointing after all the tending they got. Had my soil tested afterwards and there's very little phosphorus in it, which is needed for root development. That's the most likely cause I think.