Monday, November 10, 2008

garden photos

garden aerial
plot aerial

Here are photos I took yesterday of my two vegetable garden plots. The top one is my home garden and the bottom is my community plot.

Not much work going on in the community garden. I brought home the last of my garden tools and pulled a bunch of carrots yesterday. I still have several crops growing: broad leaved escarole, snap peas, Chinese greens, arugula, kale, lot of beets and radish.

I got my home garden winterized yesterday. I heavily mulched my kale, parsley and gnome (poor gnome). If the winter cold is as brutal as the Farmer's Almanac predicts, gnome will be glad. I also took down my tomato poles, dead plants and plastic mulch - finally. And I spread some more winter rye cover crop seed.

The area at the bottom of the top photo is where I will make a nice (I hope) decorative garden next year. I'd like to find a piece of "garden art". And a couple interesting rose varieties. I have a New Dawn climbing rose, two herbaceous peonies and a big tree peony waiting to be planted here. I hope this area will look better in next year's photos.

This summer, I grew sunflowers and gourds in this plot next to the house. I got 5 nice big birdhouse gourds from this area (these are BIG plants!). I hope I can dry these during the winter and have some new birdhouses in the spring. We'll see.

In this photo, this plot is filled with debris from my front yard - our foundation planting project, which is now complete. The stumps of 5 or 6 BIG shrubberies are dumped here for now. Some day I'll get around to posting photos of our new front yard. It looks nice, if I don't say so myself....


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

I just love all your arial photos, your gardens looks great and there are still some goodies left. Tyra

kathy said...

Thanks for adding your link. I love looking at your photos!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I happened to read something the other day that said rye cover crops secrete an enzyme into the soil which inhibits the sprouting of small seeds, therefor follow it with cukes, squash or corn. Ever heard of that? I had ordered some winter rye from NOFA for next year so that has me thinking twice about where to put it.