Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fall greens

radichio radichio and escarole in a  bowl
radicchio treviso grown by Gretta at Belmont CSA and salad bowl with radicchio and escarole
fall greens with shovel fall peas
my garden plot with escarole in front and fall peas
fall greens fall simpson lettuce
mixed fall greens and black-seeded simpson lettuce
fall arugula red summer crisp lettuce
arugula and red summer crisp lettuce

The fall greens are still looking good this week. And they are not all 'green', but are often red!

The top photos are a beautiful radicchio Gretta gave me. I like to eat this fresh, sliced and mixed with my escarole and lettuce. The heads in her fields are wonderful (photo here) and this is another vegetable I'll consider for my garden next year.

Some of my greens are still small and I'll mark down to start them a couple weeks earlier next year. But small greens are nice too. I can eat my small simpson lettuce and red summer crisp as 'microgreens' if the weather turns cold soon. And I can eat my peas as tendrils.

These greens have all done fine during the two light frosts that killed my basil, eggplants and marigolds. The only thing bothering the greens is the lack of water. Its been off at my community plot for two weeks already. Everything's looking dry. Tomorrow I hope to go over with a big water jug. I'll water my greens and pick a fresh salad for dinner.


Susie said...

Ahhhh!! Your greens look fantastic!! You have just inspired me to step my greens up a notch!! Thanks for that.

Dan said...

Your greens look lovely and the radicchio I defiantly want to try next year.

The slugs ate all my lettuce seedlings this fall and I have been to lazy & defeated to replant. After seeing your beautiful greens maybe I will put some seed in and put up a hoop cover to keep them going.

Ottawa Gardener said...

I really like the looks of the red crisp lettuce.

Matron said...

You've just reminded me I need to get a move on and plant some Winter leaves in the greenhouse.

Joe said...

Cool. It looks like your fall garden is a success. The radicchio must be delicious!

Have you ever grown mâche? I am growing some right now because the leaves supposedly "melt in your mouth". Salad recipes I've seen that include the leaves say not to toss the salad until just before serving because the mâche leaves are so tender.

kathy said...

I do not know mâche, but will look this up. A new one. Sounds yummy.

The radicchio Gretta gave me is great.

I was very jealous to hear Matron has a greenhouse! Wow, that's nice. I again reviewed all my possibilities and again, sadly, no green house possibilities for Skippy's garden....