Thursday, October 02, 2008

the big rock

the big rock with chains
the big push the big rock in the big hole

Well, I didn't get out to my garden today so I'm posting these photos of "THE BIG ROCK".

Last weekend, the big rock took up several hours of our time. It was too heavy to move out of my new plot space and too big to leave in place.

It was a multi step process with lots of negotiations to finally dispose of it.

1. Use come-along chains to pull it into position on the edge of the hole where a giant stump was taken from.

2. Use the muscle power of an old man and a young whipper-snapper to topple it into the hole.

3. Next, my son's discovery, smack the rock with a mallet and shatter it into pieces.

4. (My job) Fill the hole with dirt and then there's no sign of the rock 12 inches down and the weekend of work is forgotten and I can plan next year's garden.

community plot expansion project


Dan said...

It really is amazing how hard it can be to get rocks out on the smaller side, that must have taken several hours.

You could have put some colonial clothing on and charge admission to "clearing of the land circa 1600"

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

You notice a small stone and then you find a huge rock, where do the come from... I think it's the frost that push then toward the surface.