Wednesday, October 29, 2008

video - white house veggie garden

This is a great video! It shows a time-lapse of a man digging, planting and harvesting a new vegetable garden in his front yard (a small "white house"). An analogy is made to THE white house. He makes a lovely garden with great beds and rows of veggies. Tomatoes and radish are harvested. Watch it if you like to watch a garden grow. Its also a nice "how-to" if you want to start your own garden.

This is just what I often imagine when I see a nice sunny green lawn! Politics aside, vegetable gardening is just a very rewarding pastime.

White House veggie garden proposal


Magz & Hugh said...

I absolutely Love it!!!! I hope the White house lawns are used for this purpose!

I live in London, England, where there is serious overpopulation, but still quite a bit of central land is set aside for allotments. This is a hangover of a "Dig for Victory" project set up to encourage people to grow vegetables during the wars.

Now though it is again becoming a very popular things to do - there is a 4 year waiting list for most city allotments, and some have even completely closed their waiting lists as they are too long!


p.s. gerat blog, I read it all the time.

Adriana said...

I have onion envy =)

Matron said...

I just love that! I'm going to send everyone I know a link to that one so that they see it as well.

sweetlocal said...

what an inspiring video!

Anonymous said...

Exceptional! I'd heard about a campaign for replacing the whitehouse lawn with a veggie garden - what does skippy think, is it a possibility?

Steve said...

Cool, very inspirational! I liked watching him put the seedlings into the ground.