Monday, October 06, 2008

today's harvest


I'm thinking of declaring this "The Year of the Radish" in my garden!

From top left: broadleaf escarole, winterbor kale, chiogga beets, lots of multicolor radish, red and green tomatoes, a few tiny tomatillos, habanero, cayenne and Anaheim chiles, a couple green beans and a tiny green birdhouse gourd I accidentally picked.

I made a real nice cooked salsa tonight from the chiles, tomatillos, green and red tomatoes and some onions. The perfect amount of spiciness with one habanero and one Anaheim chile. Chop everything, saute chiles, 1 onion and 1 green tomato and 3 small tomatillos about 5 minutes in olive oil. Add 2 red tomatoes and cook briefly. Nice on fajitas.

Now all I need is a radish recipe. I usually just chop them in a salad. Fortunately I love them.

harvests from my vegetable gardens


Katxena said...

Great looking harvest! I'm a radish fan too. Try slicing them thin, then layering them on buttered bread for a great sandwich. It's insanely good.

kathy said...


Anonymous said...

I think I see some beets in there too, right? I was inspired by your earlier beet harvests to try growing beets myself. I planted Detroit Red, They've been sprouting like crazy.

Mrs. Finch said...

Totally not related to your blog, sorry, just thought you'd find this interesting too - any need for 60lbs of butternut for $0.42/lb? I'm tempted!

Susie said...

Great looking harvest. You just reminded me that I have to get more salsa made. A gardeners work is never done:-)

Anonymous said...

What are those weird ovalish red things?

kathy said...

Those weird ovalish red things are RADISH. (Thanks for the great question.)

My radishes range from beautiful round ones to ovals, carrot-like and also bi- and multi-furcated roots. They are red, pink, magenta, white. And they taste crisp and sharp. Awesome!

Hey jennifer - that's A LOT of butternut!