Monday, October 20, 2008

plot aerial

west half of my plot

Here's a photo of my community garden plot that I took yesterday. This is the old west side of my plot - the newly added half is to the right of this photo. Click on the photo to see my mouse overs.

So far, only the back left bed is mulched. I was lucky to find a couple bales of salt marsh hay today. ($9 a bale at my local True Value.) Hopefully I'll get the rest of the garden mulched and ready for cold tomorrow. I still have a lot of greens and roots and I'm hoping they last as long as possible.

Yes, the black fur ball in the center is Skippy sitting in the hole he dug.


Sandy said...

This cold snap has been tough, huh? (10 degrees below normal) I'm hoping we get a little break from the cold before winter is here in earnest. Your greens look fabulous! -Sandy

Matron said...

But what is Skippy going to plant in his hole?

kathy said...

I'm pretty sure Skippy is just going to lie down in his hole. He seems to think holes are really comfy.