Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a rainy late October day in my vegetable gardens

community plot
home garden aerial

Photos of both of my vegetable gardens - I love taking pictures in the rain. My fall greens are doing GREAT in this dreary cool weather.

I haven't had time to go to my community plot (top photo) in several days. But what a nice surprise to see how everything has grown underneath the salt hay mulch. There is some evidence of more frosts. The peas are pretty badly damaged, as well as the tips of some beet leaves. I picked a good harvest of salad greens and radish.


Anonymous said...

I love the walk down the middle of your garden. It is very inviting. I want to go in and plant something. I love dirt.

kathy said...

JUST how I feel! Thanks for the note. I love all the yellow leaves and the nice wet soil.

I'm a bit sad now that it will be spring before I get to plant seeds again. I think early March is when I will start some indoor seedlings. Four full months :( But I was able to get my hands very dirty today pulling radish and greens.