Friday, October 10, 2008

falcon attack

My son and I had quite a sight today at the garden. We felt a swoosh of air and a squawk and looked up and saw a falcon flying off with a sparrow. I felt the attack above me as I tied my pear tree in the garden - I felt the movement of air as the falcon moved off with his prey. I think the sparrow was flying over my garden behind me and I bet the falcon was waiting in the tall ash tree next to the garden. My guess is it was a peregrine, maybe a big kestrel. It was a mid-size raptor with no trouble holding onto the crying sparrow in flight. Sam had been busy crushing rocks with a sledge hammer. He said "Poor sparrow." I was too surprised to grab my camera and just watched.

In retrospect, I think was probably a Coopers' hawk.


Susie said...

Circle of life, right?

kathy said...

Yes, just what I thought. Its great to have a little piece of land where we can see the circle.

Barbee' said...

It's a jungle out there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skippy
How does one rent space at the Victory Garden?