Friday, May 02, 2008

tomato seedlings

trays 3
tomango purple calabash
san marzano giant belgium
tomato tray 1 trays
They're small, but I have lots of varieties. And they are growing well. I bring the tomatoes outside for extra light when the temperature is above 50 F. Otherwise, they are on a window sill.

Solanum lycopersicum


Shelley said...

They look so healthy! I'm in the process of transplanting mine into the garden. Here in the South days are getting hotter with still a slight (very) chill in the air. I am enjoying your blog so much. Thanks for all the insight and inspiration you've given me and the rest of the gardening community.


Anonymous said...

I'm a relatively new gardener and I find myself drawn to your blog. I enjoy looking at all the pictures, especially the vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Nice seedlings. What kind of soil are they in? Do you use any fertilizer?

Julia Erickson said...

Great looking seedlings! I'm in NJ and have a much smaller vegetable plot than you do. Thank you for your inspiration.

kathy said...

My seed trays all have Miracle Gro potting soil. I get the mega bag at Costco in the spring for a good price. It has fertilizer adder already. Occasionally, I need to add more - my peppers look like they could use more now. I keep trying to remember to do this.

Thanks for the nice comments!