Thursday, May 29, 2008

fava blossoms

fava flowers 2
fava flowers 1 favas
Last year I planted fava beans (broad beans) for the first time. I was served delicious grilled fava beans at the East Coast Grill and was determined to grow some myself! I planted them in my shady home garden. But they were totally eaten by black aphids before the beans formed. This year, I planted them at my community plot which has incredibly full sunlight. NO APHIDS YET!!! The plants are blooming and I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

Vicia faba


Tina said...

Wow, they are beautiful. I only know them in red.

kathy said...

I never heard of red flowered fava beans but had fun looking these up.
Here's a great post on them: red flowered broad beans at Daughter of the Soil

Anonymous said...

What beautiful blooms!

kathy said...

I'm now starting to see a few black aphids and ants on the plants. But the plants look very healthy and beans are forming under the blossoms. Also, I see lady bugs around.

The aphids are a bad pest for the favas and last year destroyed my plants that were growing in too much shade. The ants are there because they eat a sugary substance the aphids secrete and they actually protect the aphids. Lady bugs, however, are an aphid predator and control the population. They are good news.

I have high hopes still for this crop. I'll get my fava recipe ready!

kathy said...

Here's a cool site about ladybugs. One ladybug can eat as many as 50 aphids a day!