Friday, August 10, 2007


early girl charwicks cherry
Early Girl and Chadwick's Cherry
brandywine big girl
Brandywine and Big Girl
big boy big beef
Big Boy and Big Beef
rutgers new girl
New Girl and Rutgers
moskvich marglobe
Moskvich and Marglobe
These are the tomatoes in my garden this week. Ripening in the August sun. I find them very photogenic, whether green or red. Skippy and I check out the progress of the fruits every day or so. We poke around in the shade of the vines and enjoy the bitter green fresh smell of the quintessential summer plant.
Solanum lycopersicum


Doctor Mom said...

What great variety! Brandywine looks almost white! Will they all ripen to red?

kathy said...

Yes - all of my tomatoes are red ones this year. The Brandywine will ripen to a deep pinkish red.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fruit! I'm in awe of your tomato prowess.
I was limited to Patio Tom, Husky Cherry Red and the dependable Juliet this year...but I can't wait until I have the space for some "ugly tomatoes" :)

Matron said...

What a wonderful selection! I find the 'beefsteak' varieties really do have much more 'meat' on them. I am trying an American variety this year 'Jubilee'.

Matron said...

I would really love it if Skippy agreed to have a photo featured on my forthcoming DOGBLOG. I'm featuring dogs in gardens helping out by watering, digging or just supervising. See my blog entry from 5th August, I would love it if you could contribute.

Gina said...

i'm convinced that you wax your tomatoes to make them look this spectacular! no, but seriously, they are spectacular!

kathy said...

Thanks Gina. I don't wax the tomatoes. (I can;t believe you would think that...!) I do take pictures with a nice camera when the lighting is good - in the morning about 9 am is best for my yard, especially after a rainy night.

Leslie said...

Kathy, What a piece of eye candy this is. These are beautiful!!! Those Brandywine look almost white!