Saturday, August 18, 2007

yummy fresh edamame

ready to eat edamame
My fresh edamame was delicious! However, not the same difference as between a home grown and store bought tomato. The home grown edamame is a bit more flavorful and has better texture. It was much more hairy! Since they were very easy to grow, I am planning a bigger crop next year.

To cook, I steamed the freshly picked beans for 3-4 minutes. Just until the pods started to open a little bit. They cooked a little faster than the frozen ones I usually buy. The bowlful I harvested today is about a quarter of my crop I would guess.



Anonymous said...


I read all of your blog entries sometime last November, when it was grey, cold, and dreary.

I'm getting ready to plant my edamame, and I just wanted to see how it worked for someone else. I googled for it, and I'm glad I ended up your site again!

I patterned my garden after yours, so hopefully I get the same good results. But since I am in the Central Valley of California, I just need to THINK about planting vegetables, and they start to grow!

Thanks for the info and the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I just purchased a six-pak of edamame & am ready to plant. How far did you space yours and how are they doing? thx jb

Kirsten N. said...

Glad to hear that growing edamame was easy - we want to give it a try.

Where did you buy your seeds from? I'm having trouble finding a source.