Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fall planting timeline

I copied this fall planting time line from Tracey at Life in Sugar Hollow. I removed some of the fall crops I don't grow and added others I do grow. I think Tracy's timing for zone 7 is pretty much what I go by here in the warm end of zone 6.

Peas - July 7 - August 15
Kale - July 7 - September 1
Broccoli - July 15 - August 15
Spinach - July 21 - August 21
Beets - July 21 - August 21
Carrots - July 21 - August 21
Leaf Lettuce - August 7 - September 15
Radishes - August 15 - September 15
Mustard Greens - August 15 - September 15
Garlic (bulbs) - August 21 - October 21
Shallots (bulbs) - August 21 - October 21

Lettuce, cool weather types: April 15 through May 15, Sept 1 through Sept 20
Lettuce, warm weather types: May 31 through Aug 15
Bush beans: May 10 through July 31
Pole beans: May 10 through July 31
Soybeans: May 10 through June 20

My fall peas and broccoli are in, planted August 11 and July 16. I also planted a late crop of pole (pinto) beans (July 20). I have garlic top sets to plant this year and am not sure when these should go in. I'll try the same timing as garlic bulbs.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the list--looks like I have to hustle on the peas and broccoli! What are garlic top sets?

kathy said...

My understanding is that top sets come from the garlic "flower" or scape. They are much smaller than garlic bulbs and often take several years to reach harvest size. Another first for me to try these, but this was the only way this heirloom variety was available. I'll post photos when I plant them.

garden plants fan said...

I am not 100% sure on the garlic bulbs . Does anyone know for sure.