Thursday, August 30, 2007

another mystery squash!

This is the fruit of another one of the squash plants that volunteered in my compost this spring. A medium-sized pumpkin. Its still tiny - only about 3 inches across.

Pumpkin -- Cucurbita spp.


ALKlein said...

hey we have a mystery squash that looks very similar. Is it a pumpkin?
What ever it is, it's proven tasty

Sazji said...

Hehe, fun! I also got a mystery volunteer, but nowhere near the compost, and nowhere I'd ever have thought of planting a rampant squash vine. It looks like our local big gray ribbed squash - which I've never planted. So perhaps I have a garden fairy at work.

kathy said...

What fun to have a garden fairy! You are lucky. My gnome works hard, but he hasn't planted squash for me - yet.