Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ripe soybeans

soybeans 6 soybeans 3
soybeans 5
Looks like the soybeans are ready to eat! Just in time for my birthday. In a few days I'll harvest these hairy beans and check out what garden fresh edamame tastes like.

The variety is Early Haucho from The Cook's Garden that I planted on May 28.


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Tanya said...

Ok, so I'm SUPER late on this post (I'm only a new addict of skippy's vegetable garden) but I noticed these nice pictures and posts on edamame. This is my first year growing soybeans and I'm looking for tips since you seem to have at least a few seasons under your belt. I'm growing Shironomai from Park.

These were an afterthough once I decided to scrap pole beans this year so I didn't start any seedlings indoors. I was just going to plant them outdoors in a few weeks. With your experience, what do you think? Can you even start soybeans indoors? The post reads "Soybeans: May 10 through June 20." Is that for a staggered planting/harvest? I chose the Shironomai for its "summer-long yields."